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Circular 8-9-10/2013
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13 August 2013

TO: Nursing Education Institutions
National Department of Health
Provincial Departments of Health

Implementation of the New Nursing Education Qualifications - July 2015

Attached herewith find the following S A Nursing Council circulars:

  1. Circular No. 8/2013 : relating to curriculum framework for entry levels of nursing (Higher Certificate: Auxiliary Nurse; National Diploma: Staff Nurse; Advance Diploma: Midwifery and Bachelorís Degree: Professional Nurse and Midwife)
  2. Circular No. 9/2013 : relating to Revised Policy Guidelines for the Implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning by Nursing Education Institutions (NEIís)
  3. Circular No. 10/2013 : Policy on Accreditation Appeal Process

Also note that these circulars must be read in conjunction with the following documents and other relevant prescripts as issued by the Council:

(a)  Qualifications Framework for Auxiliary Nursing, Staff Nurse, Bachelorís Degree in Nursing and Midwifery and Advance Diploma : Midwifery

(b)  Regulations R.169, R.171, R.173, R.174

(c)  Nursing Education and Training Standards

(d)  Circular No. 6/2013: Dual submission for Accreditation.

These documents will assist NEIís in the preparation to offer new nursing education qualifications which will be phased in by July 2015.  You can also access these documents through S A Nursing Council website www.sanc.co.za.



Tendani Mabuda (Mr)
Registrar and CEO
S A Nursing Council

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