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South African Nursing Council Publications

Many of the publications of the Nursing Council are freely available on this website.  Printed copies of all publications may be purchased from the Council for (in most cases) a nominal amount - necessary to cover the costs of printing and distribution.

Every effort has been taken to make sure that these publications are 100% correct, but in the event of any discrepancy, the text published in the original publication will always take precedence over the copies published here.

You may print copies of those publications available on this website for your own personal use or for study purposes.  You may NOT sell any such copies.  You are welcome to extract quotations from the publications for including in your own original works provided that the necessary reference to the publication concerned is made.


Annual Reports

Document Name Type
South African Nursing Council - Annual Report 2017 (5 847kb)
South African Nursing Council - Annual Report 2013 (451kb)
South African Nursing Council - Annual Report 2012 (409kb)
South African Nursing Council - Annual Report 2011 (2.54Mb)
South African Nursing Council - Annual Financial Statements 2010 (8.81Mb)



The following guidelines have been published by South African Nursing Council for general information -

Document Name Type
Guidelines for Processing of Learners 

Further information and the required forms in terms of this guide can be downloaded from the Services Page for Learners.

Policy Guidelines regarding registration of Foreign Nurses and/or Foreign Qualifications with South African Nursing Council  
RPL Guide


Learner Documents

Please note: This Learner Documents section of the Publications page is still under construction - all documents are current, but will be reformatted shortly


The following documents required by Learners have been published by the South African Nursing Council:

Document Name Type
Standards for Nursing Practice
bulletProfessional Regulation and the Ethos of a Nursing Regulatory Body 
bulletSouth African Nursing Council structure and functioning 
bulletEthical Standards 
bulletPolicy regarding Nursing Education
bulletThe control of Nursing and Midwifery Practice 


Document Name Type
bulletTeaching Guides
The philosophy and policy of the South African Nursing Council with regard to professional Nursing Education


bulletBasic Courses:

Minimum requirements for the education and guide concerning the teaching of student in the programme leading to registration as a Nurse (General, Psychiatric and Community) and Midwife

Diploma for registration as a Midwife - one year course

Diploma for registration as a Midwife - two year course

Diploma for registration as a Psychiatric Nurse

Guide-lines for Bridging course for enrolled nurses leading to registration as a General Nurse or a Psychiatric Nurse

Directive for the certificate for enrolment as a Nurse

Teaching guide for the programme leading to enrolment as a Nurse

Teaching guide for the programme leading to enrolment as a Nursing Auxiliary

bulletPost-basic courses:

Teaching guide for Course in Clinical Nursing Science leading to registration of an additional qualification

Directive for Community Nursing Science

Directive for Clinical Nursing Science, Health Assessment, Treatment and Care


Nursing Acts

These are copies of the current and previous Nursing Acts.

Tip:  Use bookmarks to navigate the electronic versions.

Document Name Type
Nursing Act, 2005 - Act No. 33 of 2005
Nursing Act, 1978 - Act No. 50 of 1978 (as amended)


Promotion of Access to Information Act - Manual

Use this manual will help you to access information that you believe is held by the Nursing Council and that is needed by you to protect your rights.

Document Name Type
South African Nursing Council Promotion of Access to Information Act Manual Pdf icon



This website contains a full set of regulations published under the Nursing Acts.  These regulations incorporate all subsequent amendments.

On the Regulations pages, you will also find -

bulletA comprehensive index by Government Notice number and category;
bulletFull details of changes to the regulations since July 2001;
bulletDetails of proposed new regulations; and
bulletDetails of proposed changes to existing regulations.

Click here to go to the regulations page

 Name Type
Examples of Acts and Ommissions


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